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Holly Hopkins Beauty

Holly Hopkins, like many, fell in love with Mary Kay products as a young girl. Her mom had used Mary Kay since it was first launched in the Texas area in the 1960s! Her love for the products easily transferred to Holly as Holly started using their skin care as a girl. In time, Holly developed her own excitement for the business-side of Mary Kay, which she still fosters today.

Over the years, Holly has learned much about the Mary Kay product line, skin care, and makeup application. This training continues as new products and techniques develop. As a Mary Kay consultant, Holly pairs her training with high quality products to help you discover what is best for you. Her greatest joy comes from helping you bridge the gap in your needs.

Holly’s Current Favorite

Paparazzi Pink

Why choose Mary Kay?

Mary Kay has always been supportive of women and their endeavors. It is amazing to see what the founder accomplished and how that legacy continues today!

A Company with a Cause

Additionally, the Mary Kay Foundation focuses on causes that matter to women.  With celebrity support and attention, the Mary Kay Foundation continues its commitment to stopping domestic violence and is dedicated to eliminating cancers affecting women.  www.marykayfoundation.org.

Read more about Mary Kay’s mission, Mary Kay’s amazing journey, and how all of these endeavors impact women and the environment all over the globe here.

Let’s Get Started

Holly offers one-on-one appointments where your experience is customized to your needs and preferences.  Sharing that experience with your friends is definitely an option and is a fun way of featuring the friendship aspect of Mary Kay.  There is definitely a strong sense of community in the Mary Kay world!

Or contact Holly by email at holly@hollyhopkins.com

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